SparQ is All things wireless

SparQ is a specialty wireless telecommunications service firm with scalable resources, operating in the worlds largest and most challenging market, the greater metro NYC area. SparQ presently delivers recurring, high quantity services to the communications ecosystem, including national wireless carriers, OEMS, infrastructure owners and large enterprises and real estate owners.

  • Macros NSBs & Modifications: SparQ deploys traditional macro cell sites as new site builds and as modifications to support never ending technology upgrade cycles.
  • DC Power, Generator, HVAC & Fiber Services: SparQ provides all ancillary trades that go along with technology upgrades requiring more power, cooling and fiber back-haul.
  • Site Management, Maintenance & Repair: SparQ technicians provide routine, preventative and emergency repair services to carriers and the property managers and landlords who locate wireless infrastructure on their real estate assets.
  • Site Development & Design: SparQ can help carries locate new sites for wireless infrastructure and provide all ancillary leasing, zoning, permitting, design and construction management.
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Safety Tip #1

– Report defects and near misses –

If you notice a problem, don’t ignore it, report it to your supervisor immediately.

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